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The Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

The benefits that double glazed windows bring are so incredible that they’ll surely make you do a double-take.

Consisting of two panes of glass with a space in between, the sealed air gap of these windows provides next-level insulation that results in more comfortable temperatures, better air quality, noise reduction, energy efficiency, cost savings, and even a sturdier structure.

Curious to learn more?

Let’s pull back the curtains and discover the amazing benefits of double glazed windows.


What Are Double Glazed Windows?

As mentioned earlier, double glazed windows consist of two panes of glass with a space in between, offering a significant upgrade from traditional single pane windows. It’s the sealed air gap between the panes that serves as an additional layer of insulation, contributing to more comfortable temperatures inside Australian homes despite the scorching heat outside. Often, these gaps are filled with either Argon or Krypton gas, which helps keep energy from easily passing through the panes.

Double glazed windows on a high rise building

Double Glazed Window Advantages


1. Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings 

Looking to supercharge energy efficiency in your home and watch your electricity bills go down? It sounds like the benefits of double glazed windows will do just the trick. 

Reducing Energy Bills and Costs 

Because double glazing windows consist of two layers of glass with a space between them, they reduce heat transfer significantly—ultimately reducing the strain on your heating and cooling systems. In winter, the insulation properties minimise heat loss, which means less energy is required to maintain a warm indoor environment. During summertime, they work to prevent excess heat gain, resulting in cooler temperatures indoors. 

While some homeowners would much rather avoid shelling out on double glazed windows, it’s important to keep in mind that the initial investment will definitely be offset by the long-term savings on energy costs.

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2. Enhanced Comfort and Air Quality

Another one of the many benefits of double glazing is that it creates a more comfortable living environment by stabilising indoor air temperatures. Say goodbye to handfanning in the summer or feeling separation anxiety from your cozy blanket. 

They also play a role in reducing air quality issues associated with condensation and mould growth.

Maintaining Comfortable Temperatures 

  • Thermal Insulation: Double glazing provides superior thermal insulation, leading to reduced reliance on heating and cooling systems. This maintains comfortable temperatures throughout the year.
  • Consistent Indoor Climate: They help in achieving a consistent and comfortable indoor climate, reducing temperature fluctuations that can occur with single glazed windows.

Minimising Condensation and Mould 

Double glazed window advantages aren’t merely comfort and energy-cost related. They also positively impact health by helping to maintain better air quality. 

The layer of insulation provided by double glazed windows helps to minimise the risk of condensation and subsequent mould growth, which are common problems associated with single glazed windows.

  • Reduced Condensation: By maintaining a more consistent internal glass temperature, double glazing reduces the likelihood of condensation forming on the inside of windows.
  • Desiccant: The space between the panes often contains a desiccant, which absorbs moisture and helps to keep the air dry, further reducing condensation.
  • Healthier Air Quality: Less condensation means a lower risk of mould formation, contributing to healthier air quality within the home. Mould can cause respiratory issues and exacerbate allergies—but with its reduction being one of the many double glazed window advantages, it’ll be one less thing for you and your family to worry about.


A diagram of double glazed windows


3. Noise Reduction Benefits 

Here’s another one of the double glazing advantages you’ll love if noise pollution constantly prevents you from having a good night’s sleep. 

Double glazed windows are highly effective in noise reduction, significantly enhancing the tranquillity inside a home. They serve as a barrier to external noise, providing residents with a more peaceful and comfortable living environment. Yes, you can totally toss those earplugs that you’ve been relying on for so long. 

Achieving a Peaceful Home Environment 

The two layers of glass with a space in between effectively interrupt and absorb sound waves. The result is a notable decrease in noise infiltration from the outside.

  • Sound Insulation: The two panes of glass plus the vacuum or gas-filled space between them greatly reduce sound transmission.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Reduced noise levels contribute to a more comfortable living environment, enabling activities like reading or sleeping to occur without disturbance.

Advantages in Urban Areas  

In urban areas, where noise levels are typically higher due to traffic, construction, and general city bustle, the benefits of double glazed windows become even more instrumental.

By mitigating unwelcome noise, double glazed windows improve the quality of life and offer a practical solution to noise control in both suburban and urban settings. They’re a smart investment in both the comfort and value of a property.


4. Structural Benefits

When you opt for double pane windows, count on it that they’ll bring double the power. 

Durability and Damage Prevention

Constructed with two layers of glass, double glazed windows, also known as IGUs (Insulated Glass Units), significantly enhance the window’s strength. This robustness is attributable to the glass thickness and the space filled with inert gases, such as argon or krypton, which act as a buffer against impacts. UPVC frames, well-known for their longevity, are commonly used with IGUs due to their resistance to warping, corrosion, and general wear and tear. 

Two people looking out their double-glazed windows

Comparison: Single Glazed vs Double Glazed Windows

Still not sure whether an upgrade from single glazed to double glazed windows is worth the investment? Take a look at our comparison guide below and see the incredible difference:

Feature Single Glazed Windows Double Glazed Windows
Energy Costs Higher energy costs due to less efficient thermal insulation. Lower energy costs due to better insulation, reducing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.
Soundproofing Provides minimal sound insulation. Offers improved sound insulation due to the air or gas layer between the panes.
Durability Less durable and more prone to breaking. More durable due to the double layer of glass and sealed air gap.
UV Protection Offers limited protection against UV rays. Can offer better UV protection with special coatings on the glass.
Condensation More prone to condensation, which can lead to mold and mildew issues. Less prone to condensation due to improved insulation properties.
Security Less secure as the single pane is easier to break. More secure as it is tougher to break through two panes of glass.
Environmental Impact Higher environmental impact due to increased energy consumption for heating/cooling. Lower environmental impact due to reduced energy consumption.


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