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5 Types of Windows

Windows frame both the natural artwork of the outdoors and the aesthetic beauty of your home. Serving numerous purposes in residential and commercial buildings, choosing the appropriate window style can strike a balance between letting the sunshine and fresh air in.

Various types of windows cater to different preferences and functional needs. From classic, hinged casement windows to modern, energy-efficient double-glazed window glass, the evolution of window design has seen aesthetic and environmental considerations. Homeowners have a broad selection of window types at their fingertips, each one carrying diverse benefits and the power to accentuate the visual appeal of their abodes. 

This is your window of opportunity to explore the different types of windows in our guide below: 


1. Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows offer duality like no other. These double-threat windows allow them to open in two different ways, providing homeowners with practical options for ventilation and cleaning.

tilt and turn windows


Tilt and turn windows are designed to enhance both the functionality and the appeal of a home. Their features allow them to tilt inward from the top for secure ventilation and to swing in from the side for easy cleaning from indoors.  

  • Airflow: These types of windows allow for adjustable airflow. The tilt function offers secure ventilation, perfect for a gentle breeze and improved indoor air quality.
  • Easy to Clean: Their inward swing permits cleaning from the inside, making this less of a chore. No more stepping outside just to clean the exterior of the glass.
  • Security: Designed with reliable locking mechanisms, these windows provide an additional layer of security. When tilted, the window prevents entry while still promoting air circulation.
  • Energy Efficiency: Often equipped with superior seals and glazing options, households get to experience enhanced thermal insulation and improved energy efficiency.


2. Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are characterised by their horizontal orientation where sashes slide left or right. Among all the different types of windows, the sliding variant is one of the most practical and aesthetically-pleasing options for modern homes. They are especially favoured where space constraints restrict the use of outward-opening windows. Space-saving minimalists, unite! 

sliding windows


  • Space saving: Sliding windows are known for their space-saving properties, as they do not require any extra space for opening and closing. 
  • Unobstructed views: These windows allow for an unobstructed view of the outdoors, as they typically comprise large panes of glass with minimal framework. Homeowners can enjoy panoramic views and an abundance of natural light entering their space without the interruption of window sashes. Just a 100% picturesque view.
  • Easy Maintenance: Many designs have sashes that tilt inwards or are removable, facilitating easy access to both the inside and outside of the glass for cleaning.
  • Longevity: Their straightforward mechanism entails fewer parts that can break or wear out over time, thus potentially reducing maintenance costs and extending the life of the window.


3. Casement Windows

Casement windows are defined by their hinged design, allowing them to swing open like a door. They are widely loved for providing excellent ventilation and unobstructed views. Being the most versatile among all the different styles of windows, these can be a valuable choice for various parts of the home. 

casement windows


  • Ventilation: Casement windows offer superior ventilation, as the entire window can be opened to allow fresh air to enter. 
  • View and Light: Casement windows offer an unimpeded view as they typically do not have any mullions or crossbars. 
  • Air Leakage: Given that they seal tightly against air leakage when closed, casement windows wave a flag for energy efficiency. 
  • Functionality: With a mere turn of a handle, they are easy to open and close. This simple mechanism is user-friendly and accessible for people of varied physical abilities.
  • Security: Casement windows provide a high level of security. They can be fitted with a variety of locks and are more challenging to break into due to their robust locking mechanism. 


4. Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward, permitting ventilation without letting in rain or falling leaves. Typically, they are ideal for basements, bathrooms, and kitchens.

awning window looking onto backyard


  • Ventilation: They promote excellent airflow and can remain open during light rain, making them the perfect option for the pluviophiles of the world. 
  • Security: Due to their angled structure, awning windows are harder to penetrate from the outside when properly locked. Potential robbers would think twice about trying to break in. 
  • Energy Efficiency: With proper sealing, they can help reduce energy costs by effectively maintaining indoor temperatures.
  • Placement Versatility: They can be installed higher on walls, preserving privacy whilst allowing natural light. No need to worry about nosy neighbours peering in. 
  • Construction: Awning windows are available in various materials, including uPVC, wood, aluminium, and fibreglass. Each variant offers different levels of durability and maintenance requirements.


5. Bay Windows

Bay windows project outward from the main walls of a building, forming a bay in a room. They typically consist of a central window and two side windows, also known as flankers, that angle back to the wall. If you’re a fan of dramatic visuals, bay windows are bound to be your top pick before anything else. 

bay windows


  • Increased natural light: Bay windows light up a room—literally—by increasing natural light and providing expansive views. They can significantly improve the overall look of both the interior and exterior of a building. 
  • Adds architectural character: Bay windows add elevated aesthetics to a home’s exterior. Internally, they can create an attractive alcove that can be utilised for additional seating or storage. This versatility integrates functional appeal to their already pleasing visual presence. In short, they’re just extremely pretty. Can you already imagine yourself reading enthralling books in your new cozy corner of the house? 
  • Flexibility: Bay windows can be tailored to suit various architectural styles, from Victorian to modern. Thanks to their structural uniqueness, they are often associated with elegance that increases the curb appeal and potential value of a property.


Summary: The Different Kinds of Windows and Their Benefits

Type of Window Description Benefits
Tilt and Turn Windows Windows that can open in two different ways: tilting inwards for ventilation or swinging in for easy cleaning. – Dual-functionality for ventilation and cleaning
– Inward tilting for secure ventilation
– Swing inwards for easy indoor cleaning
– Fewer external moving parts, easier maintenance
– Robust locking mechanisms for security
– Superior seals and glazing for energy efficiency
Sliding Windows Horizontal windows where sashes slide left or right, ideal for modern homes and where space is limited. – Space-saving design
– Unobstructed views and natural light
– Ease of cleanliness with tilting or removable sashes
– Fewer parts for longevity and reduced maintenance
Casement Windows Hinged windows that swing open like a door, providing excellent ventilation and unobstructed views. – Superior ventilation with full window opening
– Unimpeded views and ample natural light
– Tight seal against air leakage for energy efficiency
– User-friendly operation
– Straightforward maintenance
– Enhanced security with various locking options
Bay Windows Protruding windows that form a bay in the room, consisting of a central window and angled side windows. – Increased natural light from multiple angles
– Adds architectural character and curb appeal
– Flexibility to suit different architectural styles
– Creates functional space for seating or storage
Awning Windows Top-hinged windows that open outward, suitable for basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. – Promotes airflow, can be open during rain
– Increased security when locked
– Energy-efficient with proper sealing
– Placement versatility for privacy and light
– Available in various durable materials


Level Up Each Type with Double Glazed Window Glass

There are also various types of window glass options that need to be taken into account. Which ones work best with your choice of window frames? The ones that are “double” efficient, of course! 

Double-glazed windows consist of two panes of glass with a space between them. This gap, often filled with air or an inert gas like argon, provides an additional layer of insulation.

double glazed windows


  • Energy Efficiency: Double glazed window glass retains more heat during the winter and keeps out more heat during the summer. The result is more comfortable air quality and significant energy savings. 
  • Noise Reduction: The dual layers of glass and the insulating gas barrier effectively reduce the noise that enters the home. There could be a jackhammer at full-blast outside, and you would only hear 50% of it.
  • Condensation Reduction: These types of window glass limit the occurrence of condensation. Smaller amounts of condensation can prevent mould and mildew buildup.
  • Enhanced Security: The two panes of glass make these windows tougher to break, providing a higher level of security. 


Windows Tech: Your Source for Various Types of Windows

Which among the different kinds of windows mentioned above do you have your eye on? 

Windows Tech is a home’s saving grace in terms of boosting peace, comfort, and style through top-notch windows. From premier thermal insulation to exceptional noise-reducing UPVC double glazed glass, these guys truly put the “win” in windows. 

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