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Windows Tech in Melbourne specializes in high-quality, energy-efficient uPVC double and triple-glazed windows and doors, boasting German-engineered profiles, advanced Australian-compliant materials, and a commitment to continuous improvement with a focus on customer satisfaction.



Windows Tech Double Glazing: the Perfect Solution for Your Home.

Windows Tech, a Melbourne-based manufacturer and installer, offers top-quality double and triple-glazed uPVC windows and doors. Our window and door systems feature a high-grade German-manufactured profile by Aluplast, along with corrosion-proof hardware for smooth operation and a lifetime of performance. Every component has been tested and exceeds Australian standards, allowing us to supply metropolitan, regional, and coastal areas.

All our products are locally made in our factory in Springvale, Melbourne. We’ve recently invested in the latest automated European-made equipment, enabling us to deliver consistent quality at a faster pace. Our internal production processes adhere to Toyota’s KAIZEN philosophy of continuous improvement, ensuring we stay at the cutting edge of double-glazed windows and doors technology.

Given the rising costs of energy and our commitment to a greener future, Windows Tech uPVC double-glazed windows and doors are a smart investment. They immediately enhance your home comfort, reduce power bills, and pay for themselves within a few years. Our triple-glazed and acoustic glass options transform your house into a quiet, relaxing environment.

Windows Tech stands out in the market for build quality, longevity, energy efficiency, and overall performance of uPVC double-glazed windows and doors. Our friendly team and in-house installers will make your project a breeze. Whether you’re renovating or building, our range of products and expertise will meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Types of projects Windows Tech specialises in:


– Apartments
– Units
– Houses
– Medical institutions
– Retirement homes

Environmentally Conscious

Windows Tech is committed to a sustainable future and zero waste production practices. Nothing ends up in a landfill; instead, it is given a second life. Running zero waste practices at the factory isn’t difficult. With the right culture, practices, and people, zero waste becomes our normal daily routine.

Plastic Recycling

All uPVC offcuts are collected and returned to the supplier for recycling. They are kept in specially designed crates for regular swaps. The plastic is shredded, granulated, and supplied to local partner businesses to make other products (used in fencing and other construction applications).

Timber Reuse

All timber crates and other timber packaging are disassembled, cut, and given to the public for free as firewood or for other home DIY applications. Timber can be collected at our factory address: 17A Yiannis Ct, Springvale VIC 3171.

Cardboard Recycling

All cardboard packaging is separated, cut, and folded into smaller, more transportable quantities. It is then taken to local recycling facilities.

Metal Recycling

All metals used in production are separated first and then taken to local recyclers. We recycle steel offcuts used in window reinforcement, hardware offcuts, and even screws, giving them a second life.

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